The challenge of all schools is to find flexible learning structures in which curricula can be delivered to meet the needs of its students. All students have a right to achieve their potential and it is the responsibility of schools to provide the opportunities for students to realise their potential and perform well at the level of their ability.

Our curriculum is enriched by a diverse range of opportunities, which allows a student to follow their individual interests and talents in a more challenging and fulfilling way. Creative, academic and sport loving students are presented with the opportunity to join ensembles, teams, productions, clubs and competitions and take part in activities that extend their abilities and achievement within a group of equally interested students. Overseas educational experiences are offered to challenge preconceived notions of how people and places are. On all the tours students are encouraged to raise funds together and work independently to pay for their place and passage. All students are therefore eligible. Students overall are encouraged to become involved from the beginning, support the activities offered and be enriched by the experience.


At Mater Maria Catholic College our students enter a number of local, State and National competitions relating to areas of study or co-curricular activities. Mater Maria students are often the recipients of High Distinctions, Distinctions, Credits and other commendable certificates of recognition.

Recent competitions, which students at the College have entered, include:

  • Australian Schools Economics competition
  • Australian Schools English competition
  • Australian Schools Geography competition
  • Australian Schools Science competition
  • Australian Schools Writing competition
  • Australian Schools Mathematics competition
  • Australian Languages Certificates
  • Australian National Chemistry Quiz
  • Pittwater Art Fest competition
  • NSW RSL ‘Australia, My County’ competition
  • NSW Constitution Convention at Parliament
  • Yamaha Music Festival
  • McDonald’s Performing Arts Eisteddfod
  • NSW Interschool Mock Trial competition

Debating & Public Speaking

Mater Maria enters in the Catholic Schools’ Debating Competition and Catholic Schools' Public Speaking Competition each year. The debating competition comprises six rounds held in Term 2. Teams with five or six victories go on to debate in the semi-final rounds in Term 3. The public speaking competition is held during Term 1 each year. There are three rounds in this competition.

The selection of students for the debating and public speaking teams is made according to students' confidence in public speaking and ability to logically define an argument. Students are judged on the content and structure of their speeches as well as their manner and confidence in addressing an audience.

Five to six students are selected from each year group for the debating team and two students from each year represent the College in the public speaking competition. Each team is given a topic at the debating venue and allowed one hour to prepare.

Mock Trial

The Law Society of New South Wales conducts an Inter-school Mock Trial Competition. Mock Trials are simulated court cases in which the participating student teams contest a fictional legal matter in a mock Local or District Court sitting. Trials are presided over by a senior member of the legal profession acting as a magistrate.

Year 10 and Year 11 students who have an interest in the Law or who are studying Legal Studies represent the College. Some roles are speaking roles such as the barristers and witnesses while others are crucial 'thinking' and supportive roles such as solicitor.

Overseas Tours

At Mater Maria Catholic College, students are offered a number of overseas educational experiences to challenge preconceived notions of how people and places are. On all the tours students are encouraged to raise funds together and work independently to pay for their place and passage. All students are therefore eligible.

Students can elect to practise their language skills in Japan; play rugby or netball in England and Wales; experience the historical, literary and everyday culture of Scotland, England and Italy; immerse themselves in the charitable mission of building houses for the poor and dispossessed in Cambodia.

Sound Crew

The sound crew is an integral part of performances and special events at our College. This diligent group of students provide staging, lighting and sound support to our musicians, dramatists and dancers. Our sound crew set up and run College productions behind the scenes.

Sound crew members set up for College assemblies, liturgies and masses, Mater Maria day, Presentation of Awards, all live music and drama performances, talent quests and Battle of the Bands.


At Mater Maria, one way of celebrating College life and activities is through the production of the annual College Yearbook.

Throughout the year, many members of the Mater Maria community submit reports detailing and celebrating College life and activities. These reports are submitted by no one particular writing group, instead, students in all year groups contribute.

Students may also be involved in the production of the Yearbook through photography or designing layout. All this forms part of the publication process that result in the annual College Yearbook.