There is a concerted attempt to foster College spirit in the students by connecting them to the concept of belonging to a House. Feast Day celebrations and specific House assemblies are organised and the House competition is a regular aspect of our College assemblies. Whether in the formal setting of sporting carnivals or in the informal lunchtime competitions, such as thong-throwing, participating with enthusiasm are the goal. The Performing Arts Festival regularly proves to be successful. The emphasis on quality pastoral care continues to utilise the vertically organised structure of homerooms groups in which opportunities exist for getting to know each child better, peer mediation, authentic senior student leadership and the dissembling of some unhealthy year group relationships.

Students join the College as a member of one of the five Houses and follow that House through to Year 12. Each House is named after a significant aspect of the tradition of the College and is represented by a colour. The five Houses are as follows

  • Amiel (yellow)
  • Fleming (red)
  • Keenan (green)
  • Pius (purple)
  • Therry (blue)