Every student is encouraged to show initiative and exhibit leadership in all that they do. There are many occasions and opportunities to develop and exercise leadership skills.

The Student Representative Council is a group of students elected by their peers. Each Year group sends class representatives to the Council, which meets regularly to discuss issues of concern and discuss school decisions that affect them.

Year 11 elect two representatives from each of their classes and they are expected to lead their Houses as House Captains. They will be speakers at assembly and will play an active role in their House assemblies.

Peer Counsellors for Year 7 are drawn from Year 11. They actively work with the incoming Year 7 students and assist them in their transition to secondary school.

At the end of Year 11, during the third term, students are invited to apply for a position of leadership in Year 12, their final year of schooling. They nominate to belong to a team of leaders attached to the ministries of Liturgy, Community, Performing Arts, Social Justice, Sport and Stewardship. Within each ministry, two College Prefects are appointed to represent the student body on behalf of the College, foster College spirit in a variety of events and strive to make a difference as senior leaders and role models. Each team assists a teacher in charge who offers direction. From the group of Prefects, two College Captains and two College Vice Captains are elected. All the senior leaders are attached to a Mentor Group during which time they are called to be mentors, homework guides or provide administrative assistance to the pastoral teacher.