Bishop Anthony of Broken Bay visits Mater Maria to bless and install a tabernacle in the College Chapel

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On Thursday 25 March, Mater Maria was blessed by Most Reverend Bishop Anthony Randazzo of Broken Bay. He was joined by Father’s Bronek, Richard, Robert and Eliseus, Parish Priests of the local Catholic parishes to celebrate the solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord and bless and install a tabernacle in our College Chapel.

Our College Principal, Mr Marc Reicher, Assistant Principal Ms Gabie Stojanovski, College staff and leaders from our student body were also present.

Please view the blessing video and photos below.

During the ceremony, Bishop Anthony addressed our school community personally and powerfully “Mater Maria Catholic College is one of the most beautiful schools in the Diocese of Broken Bay and is situated in a wonderful location overlooking the ocean. The College is a wonderful place to learn, to gather and to be a place of education and faith” he said. “It’s a beautiful occasion for us in the College today to be able to bless the newly situated tabernacle, so beautifully positioned in the middle of the cross on this wonderful plinth. It places at the very heart of this Chapel what we do at this alter. This is not just a Chapel that happens to have a tabernacle. This is a meeting place between us and God and in this place, heaven and earth meet”.

Our Principal, Marc Reicher, also spoke to our school community “With Mother Mary as our College Patron, this solemnity is very significant for us as a school community. Today we are reminded of Mary’s wholehearted yes to God’s momentous activity in her life, the fruit of which was Jesus our Lord”.

The new tabernacle in our College Chapel has been crafted in silver and gold and stands on a carved and prepared plinth of timber. The tabernacle is at the very centre of the cross and becomes a place where students and staff can return to time and time again to pray to God. The tabernacle was from our old Bush Chapel, of which many past students would remember, and has been fully restored.

“The presence of the blessed sacrament in our chapel from this day onwards will provide great focus for prayer where hopefully like Mary, our students and staff will be open to the movement of the Holy Spirit in their lives and have the courage to give a wholehearted yes to God’s gesture to be deep within our being,” concluded our very passionate Principal, Mr Reicher.

Our College community is thankful to all those involved in the restoration of the tabernacle, the creation of the beautiful timber plinth it is mounted on and those who prepared and facilitated such a wonderful prayerful celebration.

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