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Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education forms part of the College’s action to educate the whole person and is focused on promoting the personal and interpersonal growth of students. It takes the form of a camp for Year 7 (Stage 4) and Year 9 (Stage 5) and then is consolidated with the Senior Retreat in Year 11/12. (see Retreat Program).

The overall intention of each of the camps is to facilitate the cohesion and togetherness of the year group as each student progresses through junior school and on to senior school. The activities allow students to engage together in a variety of activities and form broader relationships with others. Simultaneously, the camps are challenging, providing opportunities for students to set and achieve personal goals in the outdoor environment.

Year 7 Camp

The primary aim of the Year 7 camp is for students to get to know each other, the Year 7 KLA Leader and the mentor teachers of Year 7. Consequently, the camp is held very early in term 1. The activities are organised by class groupings so these students have an opportunity to bond as they will be working together in class during the year. Some Year 11 Peer Counsellors also attend the camp as leaders to develop their peer leadership skills and to assist with the facilitation of the group activities. 

Year 9 Camp

The Year 9 camp is held early in Term 1. This camp offers the opportunity for students to consolidate friendships formed in Years 7 and 8 but also to work independently to achieve personal goals and know their own strengths in safe yet challenging activities.