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Proclaiming the word and example of Jesus Christ, Mater Maria aims to support each student in their journey of spiritual growth and development. The Catholic life of our College permeates all aspects of our being and exists in our curriculum, relationships, prayer and celebrations and the values inherent at the core of our Mater Maria community. It is an essential partnership with our local parishes and revealed in all that we do.

Using St Benedict’s ancient ideas, the basis of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan charism, students are invited to give expression to their religious journey through the context of prayer, liturgy and service. Mater Maria places special reverence on the parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke’s Gospel and calls each student to live out their call to be a neighbour.

The Catholic tradition in which we educate at Mater Maria provides each student with gifts that will enable them to make a contribution to others in unique ways. With Blessed Mary as our College’s patron and guide each student is encouraged to be active in social justice campaigns and initiatives, involved in youth ministries, be stewards for the world and make a difference in our global community.