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Liturgies & Masses

As a Catholic school and a part of the wider church we aim to provide all members of our community opportunities to participate in Liturgy. This is achieved through celebration of the Eucharist as a whole College – Opening Year mass, Mater Maria Day, the Feast of the Assumption and the End of Year mass as well as more intimate celebrations in year groups and in classes.

The Religious Education teacher prepares the students so that they may participate actively at the Eucharistic celebration. Class masses enable the students to reflect on their own ministry at the table of the Lord. The Parish Priests and deacons from the Lakes Catholic Parish and the Catholic Parish of Pittwater celebrate the Eucharist with individual classes during the course of the year. Morning Prayer in the Mater Maria Chapel on Tuesdays also form an important part of the liturgical life of this College.

The Church seasons are highlighted with liturgies particular to the theme. The students all receive the Ashes on Ash Wednesday in a liturgy held for the whole College. Easter is also celebrated with the Stations of the Cross or a play presenting key events of Holy Week.

Other Liturgies highlight the expectations or responsibilities of being Catholic. These include attending and participating in the Sunday Parish Liturgies as arranged, with this of course providing an avenue for worship as well as a link to the parishes.

Some liturgies celebrated at the College

– College Opening Year Mass
– Mater Maria Day
– Feast of the Assumption
– Ash Wednesday
– Easter
– End of Year mass
– Year 12 Graduation
– Weekly lunchtime mass (each Friday)