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Social Justice

The Mater Maria mission statement calls the College to action and promote awareness of social justice issues in the school and amongst the students.

The basis of our social justice initiatives hinges on the year group charities. Each year group is given a welfare agency to focus on for the year. The students are encouraged to learn more about the agency through research and exploration. The year group is then encouraged to raise awareness of this agency in the school. This initiative is not meant to be charity work where the students have to meet a financial goal. The students are asked to provide information about an agency when they attempt fundraising ventures at the College.

There is also an emphasis on student led activity. Students are encouraged to be involved in activities of their own concern such as campaigns, fundraising or immersion experiences. For example, students conduct campaigns to raise awareness of natural disasters, have sold bandannas for Canteen due to their personal connection to teenagers with cancer and also participate in social justice workshops such as the Broken Bay Social Justice day.

The College regularly conducts combined Catholic Parish of Pittwater and College house building trips to Cambodia. This has involved the group construction of houses; paid for with donations from a number of local individuals and businesses whose generosity is always astounding.