Congratulations on the fantastic HSC results for our Year 12 Cohort

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We would like to congratulate our graduating class of 2020 for the wonderful results they received this morning. In a year where it has been a challenge to be EPIC (Engaged, Positive, Independent and Connected), we have seen just how important these characteristics are to reaching one’s personal best.

“We are immensely proud of the HSC students who met the challenges that this year threw at them by working with one another and their teachers. This year there were less classroom lessons and life lessons than usual.

Congratulations to every student who has done their very best because this is all anyone can expect. Looking through the results, I am sure that most students will be satisfied and as with every year, there may be a few who are a little disappointed; But always remember, you are more than an HSC score or ATAR and with every challenge brings opportunity. I know that many students have already received early entries and scholarships into University courses which is wonderful, and I wish others who are looking to do further study all the best in their endeavours.

After doing a brief analysis of the results, this cohort has really met the challenge of doing their personal best. This year, we saw a large reduction in the lower achievement bands and although we do not receive the ATARs, it appears that we have a larger number of 90+ ATARs than usual. Congratulations to Bethany Walding for achieving all-rounder status, by receiving the highest achievement band in her 10 best units and achieving an ATAR of 96.7. We’ve had a number of students who missed this by just one or two marks which is unfortunate, but in the grand scheme of things, makes minimal difference to their overall result. Congratulations to Fabrizio DaMota who we believe has achieved our highest ATAR of 98.4 – an outstanding effort.

We have over 50 students on the Distinguished Achievers list which is a fantastic achievement, with every subject area having multiple students listed. This year it was wonderful to have so many students nominated for exemplary major works in Design & Technology, Visual Arts, Drama and Industrial Technology. Being nominated means that the major work is of the highest possible standard and unfortunately not all works can be selected for display. However Max McMurray’s D&T project and Leah Brown’s artwork will be displayed publicly at the Powerhouse Museum and Margaret Whitlam Gallary in 2021.

I would like to thank all the Year 12 parents for their support and the teachers, especially Kate Saunders, for their dedicated efforts in guiding this wonderful group of young adults. I wish all our graduating Year 12 students all the very best for the future.

I wish you all every blessing over Christmas – stay healthy and safe.”

Marc Reicher, PRINCIPAL

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