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PARENT HUB and Fee Relief / Support

The Community of Catholic Schools, Diocese of Broken Bay have created an excellent resource for parents and families called The Parent Hub.

The Parent Hub contains information for parents about Home Based Learning, Wellbeing at Home and FAQS. This resource also includes a directory of helpful services that might assist families.

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Terms & Conditions Relating to the Payment of Fees

  • The Education Fee is inclusive and covers the cost of delivering an education to your child such items as curriculum resources, incursions, excursions, reflection day, publications, sports levies and general sports expenses, cleaning of the College and associated grounds maintenance, security and other College needs. It supplements the income received from the Commonwealth and State Governments.
  • Fees are billed on an annual basis and represent the annual financial obligation. Fees are due and payable by the date stated. Non-payment of school fees can result in an enrolment being suspended. The due dates for payment will be clearly identified on the invoice at the beginning of the school year.
  • Sibling discounts are not automatic and must be applied for by completing, signing and submitting the Family Registration form available from the Accounts Department at the College.
  • Fees are payable by cash, cheque, BPay, EFTPOS, credit card (Visa & MasterCard only) or via the Qkr app https://qkr-store.qkrschool.com/store/#/home. Note: Qkr is the preferred payment method for all credit/debit card payments.
  • Families standard payment terms are monthly however we always accept weekly, fortnightly and yearly payments in advance of the due dates.
  • If more than one account is to be issued per family, written approval of all parties involved must be obtained – please contact the Accounts Department at email. Note: Both parents/caregivers are responsible for payment of the fees unless the official application has been received by the Accounts Department.
  • In the case of genuine financial hardship, families should apply to the Principal, through the Business Manager, for consideration. In the first instance, please contact the Business Manager.

Supplementary Fee
Where a particular year group is charged for a compulsory activity that will enhance the educational experience of your child. This may include items such as an overnight camp or retreat, or where there are specific costs related to particular subject choices in secondary colleges.

Eligibility for Sibling Discount

Mater Maria Catholic College remains firm on our commitment that no family will be denied a Catholic education because of financial difficulties and will maintain the increased sibling discount introduced initially for 2021 to support families during their recovery from the pandemic. The sibling discounts for 2022 comprise of the following:

  • an increased 5% sibling discount on the Education Fee for the second and third child (from 20% to 25% for the second child and 50% to 55% for the third child). The 4th child will receive 100% discount on the Education Fee.

Sibling discounts are only available on application and the form can be accessed via the Family Registration form

Students attending systemic schools in the Archdiocese of Sydney, Diocese of Parramatta and the Diocese of Wollongong may also be eligible for sibling discounts on tuition fees.