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School Improvement Plan

We are delighted to provide you with this strategic School Improvement Plan for 2020-2022. This is an exciting time in the ongoing story of Mater Maria and this plan seeks to focus on our three main priority areas of mission, learning and pastoral care. The overarching focus of the School Improvement Plan is to continue the excellent improvement curve the College has travelled over recent years by creating Engaged, Positive, Independent and Connected (EPIC) learners.


Goals & Strategies


To develop an understanding of ourselves as a prayerful community that has a responsibility to be stewards of God’s creation.

Key Improvement Strategies:

  • Integration of sustainability concepts in curriculum programmes and assessment
  • Student led Earth Care team develop and promote sustainability initiatives eg. composting project, development of vegetable/plant gardens
  • Composting project continues and school grown vegetables are used in Food Technology classes


  • Programmes and assessments include sustainability concepts
  • Increased use of food bins and decreased litter indicate increased awareness of responsibility for stewardship


To improve student motivation and engagement

Key Improvement Strategies:

  • Professional learning programme targets identified students, and teachers work in teams to meet the learning needs of these students
  • Teachers implement a range of evidence-based teaching strategies that support student growth


  • Students are tracked to measure growth using the TTFM survey and wellbeing survey
  • Improved NAPLAN growth, increased numbers in Band 6 (HSC) and decreased numbers in Bands 2 & 3 (HSC)
  • Students provide feedback to teachers about their own learning through student teacher feedback surveys and discussions


To continue to support the positive mental health and wellbeing of students.

Key Improvement Strategies:

  • The Pastoral programme reflects identified student needs, informed by student feedback
  • Community awareness of the importance of excellent school attendance is raised


  • Students report positive mental health in the TTFM and Wellbeing surveys
  • Student attendance rate is 95%