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Who to Contact & Staff Email

Who to Contact
Staff Email Address
Staff Roles & Responsibilities
Who to Contact/Escalation Process
Student Absence
Sick leave
College Administration Office before 9.30am
02 9997 7044
A written note on the student’s return (electronic or hard copy). These should be deposited in the drop box located outside the College Administration office or emailed to
Alternatively, parents can verify absences at the Edumate Parent Portal
Student Absence
Unexpected Leave
Assistant Principal
Application in writing using application for Leave from the College Forms
Pastoral Issues
Mentor Teacher
Year Coordinator
Director of Pastoral Care
Assistant Principal
Note in diary followed by email
Subject Teacher
KLA Coordinator
Email or telephone
Assessment/Curriculum Issues
KLA Coordinator
Director of Academic Care
Assistant Principal
Email or telephone
Child Protection Issues
Assistant Principal
Email or telephone
Careers Information
Careers Adviser
Email or telephone
Financial Matters
Accounts Department
Business Manager
Email or telephone
Uniform Purchase
Lowes Warriewood Square or online
College second hand uniform shop
Email Address
General Correspondence
Student Services (student related issues)
Finance & Accounts
Ben Arthurs
Roderick Ash
Amanda Atkin
Jonathan Beard
Victoria Bozier
Karen Bryant
Nikki Bye
Belinda Carpenter
Danielle Charman
Selena Conna
Mary Craig
Annmarie De Carlo
Marieanne Delaney
Emma Desira
Elizabeth Dutch
Ali El-Khansa
Colin Ensor
Amy Evers
Georgia Ewan
Amanda Fairley
Deborah Fitzgerald
Andette Flynn
Lyndsay Georgeson-Smith
Anna Giunta
Kim-Maree Goodwin
Paul Graham
Sally Graham
Mila Green
Miranda Gulla
Michael Halliday
Jennifer Hammond
Michelle Hanrahan
Irene Harmon
Matthew Harris
Joshua Hastings
Sue Hastings
Kelly Henry
Glenn Hinson
Jan Hodge
Alison Holland
Klara Hollestelle-Watson
Allison Hurley
Kath Joergensen
Sandra Jurlina
Jessica Keevil
Angie Kelly
Catherine Kelly
David Kennedy
Jane Kinkade
Craig Krechster
Sharon Lai
Michaela Launerts
Alistair Law
Mark Leaver
Jennifer Leigh-Jones
Penny Lineham
Tracey Mahoney
Jack Marshall
Tara Marshall
Philip Mau
Patricia Mayne
Collette McCowage
Toula McFadden
Vicky McGahey
Bob Menzies
Lucy Mesker
Danika Moulsdale
Kristin North
Kate Nowland
Lydia Parker
Phoebe Parnell
Kate Ponton
John Radcliff
Jasmin Radovanovic
Maria Raso
Marc Reicher
Jack Ritchie
Melissa Rulli
Michael Rulli
Therese Rushby
Kate Saunders
Michael Lee
Susan Senior
Jody Seaton
Ellen Shanahan
Madison Smith
Jo Spano
Wendy Speight
Melissa Stout
Tony Stride
Nicole Stuart
Robyn Tarrant
Laura Tate
Margaret Taylor
Brenda Timp
Rachel Turner
Tom Walsh
Carey Walker
Kristine Watts
Rochelle Wooldridge
Assistant Principal
Leader of Evangelisation and Catholic Formation
Director of Academic Care – Curriculum
Director of Pastoral Care
Director of Learning
KLA Coordinators
Creative Arts
Mrs Jennifer Leigh-Jones (Assistant)
Human Society and its Environment
Mrs Patricia Mayne (Assistant)
Languages (Teacher in Charge)
Leader of Religious Education – Curriculum
Mrs Melissa Rulli (Assistant)
Performing Arts
Mr Alistair Law (Assistant)
Technological & Applied Studies
Ms Lucy Mesker (Assistant)
Vocational Education & Training
Learning Support
Learning Resource Teacher
Pastoral Coordinators
Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
Year 10
Year 11
Year 12
College Counsellors
General Coordinators
OOSH & Representative Sport
Non Teaching Personnel
Business Manager
Senior Accounts Officer
Principal’s Assistant
Edumate and Curriculum Support
Commercial Kitchen Assistant
Enrolment Registrar
Maintenance Supervisor
Mr Robert Scheffers
Learning Support Assistants
Science Laboratory Assistant
Student Services