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Eighty of our Students took part in a sleep-out on a chilly night earlier this month to raise funds for charity.

The class of Year 12 raised $2500.

They decided to do the sleep-out following the tragic death of Alana de Kort.

Alana, who was in Year 9, lost a battle with cancer.

“Alana’s family have had a close relationship with the college with her mother and aunty both attending during their high school years,” a spokeswoman for the school said. “Her grandmother, Julie Bell is a long time employee as Bursar and the current co-chair of the college board.”

Alana’s Cousin, Riley Chapman, is a student in the current year 12 cohort and when the year group decided to complete a fundraiser, they chose to support the Camperdown (Oncology) Ward.

The students slept overnight at the college on May 9, when temperatures dropped to as low as 10C.

Hospitality students prepared a soup kitchen and they sat around a fire to keep warm before the long night of cold and discomfort.

“Students had raised funds through sponsorship and they managed to get through the night and function to the best of their ability the next day,” a spokeswoman said.

“Mrs de Kort, Mrs Chapman and Julie Bell also gave of their time baking goodies to sell the following day which literally sold like hot cakes.

“Students took great pride in partaking in social justice and keeping the spirit of Alana alive within the college.”

Robbie Patterson –
Manly Daily