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Student Learning

The primary goal of Mater Maria as an educational institution is the commitment to delivering a Catholic education that promotes student learning and personal development. Catholic values, centred upon the life of Jesus Christ are embraced in all that we do – in the curriculum we offer, in the relationships that exist, in the teaching and management strategies that are created and in our vision that all children might reach their potential and achieve success.

Mater Maria Catholic College strives to

  • Contribute to and assist the total development of each student: religious, intellectual, social, emotional, aesthetic and physical.
  • Educate students in the Catholic faith, which animates this College and to invite them to journey together with shared aspirations towards a life centred on Christian values.
  • Focus on attainable and challenging goals and affirmation of achievement.
  • Offer students opportunities to achieve their potential, across a wide range of personal endeavours.
  • Encourage students to achieve their potential with pride and dignity and for each to share the gifts that bring.
  • Develop each student’s ability to engage in clear thinking, discerning judgement and responsible decision-making for the common good.
  • Cultivate the skills necessary for finding personal meaning and leading a productive life as a member of a community within the bigger community of humankind.
  • Enhance each student’s capacity to think and experience creatively and intuitively.
  • Promote a commitment to justice, peace, reconciliation and the development of self and others.
  • Encourage understanding and appreciation of different creeds and culture.
  • Promote a deep sense of appreciation of and responsibility for the natural environment, a sacred gift of creation upon which all people depend for life and inspiration.