Every student at Mater Maria Catholic College is challenged to reach their individual potential. The College provides many opportunities for this to happen and to celebrate the unique gifts each student has to offer.

The purpose of the Awards system is to recognise students for their commitment, involvement and excellence. Students are encouraged to participate in as many activities as possible using their talents and initiatives and to do so with dignity, pride and a sense of responsibility. Recognising a student’s efforts and sharing his or her success positively within the community is central to raising a student’s self-esteem and sense of connectedness. The smallest worthy act merits recognition and over time they can accumulate to higher awards. Students are also allocated House points whenever they are recognised through a formally issued Award at the College.

Awards are presented in four main areas:

  • Academic excellence, diligence and improvement
  • Effort and behaviour
  • Participation and achievement in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, both individually and as a member of a group
  • Service to the community

Each year at the annual Presentation of Awards, we celebrate the unique achievements of each student at Mater Maria Catholic College. It is an opportunity to celebrate a personal best, recognise excellence and acknowledge special contributions that enrich our College. The most prestigious award is the College’s Mission award which is presented each year to recognise a student or group of students who have embraced the opportunities encompassed in the College mission statement.

Awards for Effort and Behaviour

Merits are issued to students who have achieved something or done something that is noteworthy. A merit is formal recognition of a small act that  demonstrates a positive attitude or effort and behaviour. The accumulation of ten merits results in a Certificate of Recognition which is awarded at a Year assembly. 

At the end of each term students receive an Effort and Behaviour report. If these are of a high standard student may receive a White or Green Award. These awards accumulate to Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards; the Gold Awards are presented at the annual presentation of Awards ceremony.

Bronze Award: awarded to students who receive two Green awards

Silver Award: awarded to students who receive three Green awards

Gold Award: awarded to students who receive four Green awards