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House System

All students and staff belong to one of the five College Houses. Houses operate on a vertical system, meaning that each House contains students from Years 7-12 and siblings are allocated to the same House. Students join the College as a member of one of the five Houses and follow that House through to Year 12.

The House System intends to improve student engagement in a number of College events across spiritual, sporting and academic arenas. It also assists in developing a strong sense of belonging through the promotion of House spirit.

The Inter-House Cup is presented at the annual Presentation of Awards ceremony following the accumulation of House points throughout the year. Students can earn points for their House through sporting participation and achievement, academic achievement and diligence, and positive involvement in College life.

The House Names:


Father Amiel Joseph Sobb was an important part of the pioneering team who assisted in the development of Mater Maria from its foundation until his death in 1982.


Sister Therese Marie Fleming was the founding Principal of the co-educational school at Mater Maria.


Father John Keenan was the first parish priest of Mona Vale and, as such, oversaw the construction of the new church that would serve the needs of the Mona Vale parish.


Sister Mary Pius was in charge and oversaw the building of the College at its present site in 1964.


Father John Joseph Therry was responsible for building the “Church at Barrenjoey” , the first Catholic church of the area on the shores of Careel Bay.