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Student Leadership

There are many occasions and opportunities for students to develop and exercise leadership skills. Student leaders at Mater Maria learn the importance of service and contributing to the community.

The Student Representative Council is a group of students nominated by their peers. It is chaired by the College Vice Captains and meets regularly to discuss issues of concern and school decisions that affect them. As representatives of their Year group, the SRC representatives play an active role in assisting their Wellbeing Leaders in any special events and speaking on their Year’s behalf at assemblies.

Each of the Houses is led by two House Captains who have been elected from Year 11. They play an active role in their House assemblies, fostering House spirit and motivating participation in sporting events. They also organise lunchtime novelty events and speak at assemblies.

Peer Counselling is a student leadership program offered to Year 11 students. Peer Counsellors actively work with the incoming Year 7 students to assist them in their transition to secondary school. Students in Year 10 in term 4 volunteers to participate in this program which includes training in communication skills and leading small groups.   

The College Prefects and Captains are students in their final year of schooling who have been elected to this position of responsibility by both staff and students. Two College Prefects are appointed to each of the ministries of Liturgy, Community, Performing Arts, Social Justice, Sport and Stewardship and work to foster College spirit in a variety of events, striving to make a difference as senior leaders and role models. From the group of Prefects, two College Captains and two College Vice Captains are elected.