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Student Management

Behaviour Management and Discipline are an integral aspect of the College’s overarching concern for Student Wellbeing. Disciplinary procedures aim to ensure the welfare and good order of the community, the development of responsible behaviour in students and the promotion of a respectful, safe and supportive environment for all members of the school community.

Our system of student wellbeing is based on the principles of Restorative Justice which is founded in the Gospel values of forgiveness, reconciliation and the dignity of the human person. A proactive, positive stance to resolving issues is undertaken before they become problematic. This system encourages our students to develop skills in self-management, placing reconciliation and restoration of relationships as the primary responses to inappropriate behaviour. The processes in the management of student behaviour provide them with the opportunity to recognise inappropriate choices and to remedy the situation.

Inappropriate behaviour is defined at Mater Maria as behaviour which impedes the learning of self or others, the ability of teachers to teach cohesively or behaviour which damages relationships between students, or students and staff.  It is necessary that consequences for inappropriate behaviour are sometimes imposed. 

A clear sequential approach to the management of behaviour has been adopted at Mater Maria. Demerits may be given for minor misdemeanours both within and outside the classroom and these are an opportunity for students to reflect and consciously try to make the necessary changes to improve.