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Text and eText Purchase Portal

Families purchase their textbook/eTextbooks titles through Campion at www.campion.com.au. The use of e-textbooks is designed to enhance the effective use of the device for learning and offset some of the cost for the parent community. There will also be an option to purchase hardcopy text and e-text, however this incurs a greater expense.

Textbook order forms for Years 7 to 11 must be completed online by Friday 16 December, 2022 to ensure the books can be ordered by Campion.

  • All orders must be pre-paid.
  • The e-textbook list is available from www.campion.com.au and the resource code to complete 2023 orders will be M7C6.
  • Late orders are subject to availability and may attract an additional charge.

When parents place their child’s e-text order please enter your family/parent email address in the student email field on the Campion order form. Please note, that once the College has allocated school email addresses to students we will notify Campion.


The Sustainable School Shop

Second hand uniforms, text books, calculators, musical instruments and sports gear etc. are available to purchase from The Sustainable School Shop.

Each family that registers on the website will be provided with a subscription. To register or find out more, visit www.sustainableschoolshop.com.au


Year 7 – 12 Booklists

Laptop Minimum Specification
For our laptop specification minimum standard/requirements, please go to our webpage: BYOD.