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Text and eText Purchase Portal
Refer to the following files regarding text and eText ordering for 2021. Just a reminder to all parents to place your order online for 2021 at order.campion.com.au using “H466” as your code by Thursday 17 September, 2020.

The Sustainable School Shop

There is no cost for families. Each family that registers on the Sustainable School Shop will be provided with a subscription. To register or find out more, visit www.sustainableschoolshop.com.au

Tips for ordering:

All Years 
Enter your child’s correct school email address when ordering – if you are unsure of it contact Student Services.

It is essential that when parents place their child’s ebook order that they enter their child’s correct DBB student email address in the student email field on the Campion order form. If you are unsure of your child’s DBB student email address please ask your child or contact Student Services and the College will advise. This will enable your child to manage their own textbooks and reset their passwords. In previous years, parents have entered the parent email address into the student email address field which has caused significant issues in expediting the setup of textbooks when the student is at school.

A confirmation email should be received shortly after purchasing online to the student’s email address. The instructions for downloading and activating the e-Texts are provided by Campion in this confirmation email. The College would recommend you complete this process only when you have your child’s iPad. If this needs to be at a later point, please save the email so that it can be done sometime during January. If you misplace or experience any issues with the eText please contact Campion directly on 02 8995 8691.

If you misplace or experience any issues with the eText please contact Campion directly on 02 8995 8691.

Laptop Minimum Specification
For the Laptop specification minimum standard/requirements, please refer to the BYOD tab in the parent portal.

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