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The Mercy Foundation carries out incredible work in the local community and each year, it holds the Mercy Foundation Youth Awards. This is a competition open to high school students across Australia from Years 7 to 12. The competition aims to encourage students to learn more about social justice issues in Australia. The 2021 competition ran from April until July.

To enter the competition, students had to create a visual representation, like a cartoon, artwork, collage, or photo, that shows the everyday things that they can do to live life to the full and help build and maintain good mental health.  Each entry had to include a written paragraph up to 100 words that explains the image (i.e. the everyday things that you do to care for your mental health). Students were also required to complete a Mental Health quiz.

We are very proud to announce that Lily Molluso came third place in the competition. In addition to Lily winning $200, the College also won $200 to spend on social justice resources, or to donate to a charity addressing social justice issues.

“My photo incorporates the idea of a TV displaying different ways you can care for your mental health. I used newspapers for the background inside the television to make it feel more alive. The objective of the TV is to make it appear as if the words are being displayed on a real TV. Everything was made from recycled materials I had at home. Behind the television, you can see I used a chrysanthemum wallpaper because the flower represents fidelity, optimism, joy and long life, all of which I believe are characteristics of good mental health.”

Lily Molluso, Year 9

We are also proud to announce that Daisy Browett received a Highly Commended award and won $50 in the competition.  Here is Daisy’s entry

Congratulations to our students!

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