General Information
The Higher School Certificate recognises thirteen years of schooling. In the interests of greater career choices and increased opportunities at university and TAFE, it offers a full range of study areas matching individual abilities, interests and goals.

The College provides many courses which meet the needs of each student, extension courses enable students to undertake more in-depth study in areas of special interest, and Vocational Education and Training courses count towards the HSC and also lead to qualifications recognised across a range of industries. Students must study at least two units of English to be eligible to received the HSC and at least one unit of Religious Education. This is a College requirement. Life Skills courses for students with special needs may also be offered.

The HSC will fairly assess each student’s knowledge and skills. If students meet the minimum standard expected in a course they can expect to receive a mark of 50. If students have a higher standard of performance they will receive a higher mark. For each course, students will receive easy to understand reports which contain much more information. These reports provide clearer indications of what they have demonstrated they know, can understand and can do in each course.

Year 12
The Higher School Certificate course (120 hours) is the Year 12 component of the two year course and is the examinable section of the HSC. Students cannot complete the Higher School Certificate without first satisfying the requirements of the Preliminary course. The assessment component of the HSC course counts towards the final mark.

Study Lines - Year 12, 2017

Line 1 2 unit

English Advanced

English Standard

Line 2 2 unit

Mathematics - 2 unit

Mathematics General

Business Studies

Construction (VET)

Hospitality (VET)

Studies of Religion

Line 3 2 unit

Mathematics General


Earth & Environmental Science


Society & Culture

Information Processes & Technology

Hospitality (VET)

Line 4 2 unit


Ancient History

Business Studies

Legal Studies


Design & Technology


Studies of Religion

Line 5 2 unit


Modern History

Music 1

Visual Arts

Food Technology

Industrial Technology - Timber

Industrial Technology - Electronics

Studies of Religion

Line 6 1 or 2 unit
(must study a total of 2 units)

Studies of Religion (2 unit)

Studies of Religion (1 unit)

English Extension 1 (1 unit)

English Fundamentals 1 (1 unit)

Mathematics Extension 1 (1 unit)

Sports Lifestyle & Recreation (1 unit)

Earth & Environmental Science (2 unit)

The following subjects are studied off line

  • TAFE subjects
  • Studies of Religion 1 unit
  • Mathematics Extension 2
  • English Extension 2

To find out more about each of the courses offered at the College please visit the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW