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Enrolment Forms

An Application for Enrolment must be made on the College’s official Application Form and should be accompanied by the following documentation.

Documentation Needed:

1. Enrolment Form with both parents (or all guardians’) signatures – please post the original signed document to the College.
2. Passport photograph
3. Catholic Parish Reference Form or two references
4. A copy of your child’s Birth Certificate
5. A copy of your child’s Baptismal Certificate and other Sacramental Certificates
6. A copy of your child’s NAPLAN results
7. Registration Fee of $100.00 per application (inc. GST)
8. Passport, Visa, Citizenship Documents (if applicable)
9. Current Legal documentation or Family Court Orders (if applicable)
10. Reports regarding learning support needs (if applicable)
11. A copy of your child’s most recent Student Report (Years 8-12 Applicants only)

Documentation may be submitted electronically as PDF files to the Registrar email. However, please note that the College is insistent on receiving the original, signed copy of the Enrolment form. Please ensure that this is posted/submitted to the College administration office.

Files Needed: